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Little Mouse Master 1.1

Little Mouse Master will help children to know how to use a computer mouse
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Little Mouse Master is a program devoted to teach children how to use a computer mouse.
The program will show a static image. When the kid manages to put the mouse pointer over the image, the image is highlighted. If the child clicks it, the program rewards him by playing an animation from the static image, and playing a sound.
Using this simple program, kids will have fun by learning to use the computer mouse. They will be trained to go from a point to another, and use the mouse buttons properly. Playing with this program, they will improve their primely computer skills in no time.

The "Options" menu button will let you choose if you want the program to play sounds, or red points when the kid performs wrong clicks. You can also change the image that the mouse pointer will show (an arrow or a hand), the size of the images that need to be clicked, the difficulty level and if you want to highlight the objects when the mouse pointer touches them.

The DEMO version can be used for free for thirty minutes. After that time, it is necessary to buy the program to keep using it.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is very easy to use
  • It is fun for kids


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